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IHR Register certifies IHR practitioners (hypnotherapists, hypnosiscoaches) & their companies worldwide and is 100% independent.

IHR practitioners comply with annual CPD requirements, respect the code of conduct | the procedure requirements and are subject to rules for complaints & disciplinary action or dispute settlement & arbitration.

IHR Register is ISO 9001:2015 certified, subsidiary of Global Network Group and supervised by the ICC Council.

About IHR Register

Information about our accreditations, recognitions, keywords and promises on quality. Read about our in-house developed software for online exams and CPD registration. Discover the benefits of being an accredited agency.

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For training institutes

  • Direct benefits for your (former) students
  • Voting chair in ICC Council
  • Your CPD program direct accredited
  • Dedicated spotlight company webpage (option)

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