Accredited training & agencies

Before applying for registration and certification a scope related accredited education & training program must be completed.
Individual accreditation
  • If you did not complete an accredited program, however, you did complete a simular program, you can apply for an individual accreditation.
  • Your curriculum will examed against our criteria for the professional scope related training.
  • Please contact our office operations for more information and a quotation.
Overview accredited education & training programs
The following education and training programs are accredited, recognized and qualify for the individual registration & certification.
(1) All education & training programs of our accredited agencies. See below for the complete overview.
(2) Professional education and training programs accredited or handled by:
  • American Board for Hypnotherapy (ABH)
  • National Guild of Hypnotists (NGH)
  • OMNI accredited / certified training centres (OMNI)
  • South African Modern Hypnosis Academy (SAMHA)
Name of the agencyCountryAccredited for
Association for the study of direct hypnosisNetherlandsCPD program
Coaching with NLPUnited KingdomBasic career education and CPD program
Coaching with NLPSouth AfricaBasic career education and CPD program
Foundation Paradidakt | Rob van der Wilk's ParadidaktNetherlandsBasic career education and CPD program
Hypnosis Centre BelgiumBelgiumBasic career education and CPD program
Hypnosis Association NetherlandsNetherlandsRegistration criteria Netherlands direct hypnosis
Hypnosis Lesson Centre NetherlandsNetherlandsBasic career education and CPD program
Take Off SupportNetherlandsBasic career education and CPD program
Terapia con Hipnosis| Dr. Gustavo Garcia Leal
Observer status | representative for Mexico
VOF Van Hesteren | The Power of HypnosisNetherlandsBasic career education and CPD program